Thursday, 14 December 2017


The Library system which started with the Main Library in Njoro has expanded to include other branch libraries, Baringo Campus Library being one of them.  The Vision, Mission and Objectives below serve the Main Library and all its branches. 


The Library’s vision is to become an excellent information centre for academic and research activities of the Egerton University community by providing a conducive environment for reading and learning.


Its mission is to support the teaching, learning and research needs of the University Community by providing timely access to relevant information resources, disseminating research information and giving quality user-centered service.


The specific objectives of the University Library are:

i)              To select and acquire as economically and as expeditiously as possible information resources which are pertinent to the University’s present and future teaching and research programs;

ii)             To organize the resulting collection in such a way that any member of the University may have easy access to them;

iii)            To provide access to information resources regardless of location or format;

iv)           Tom preserve and protect the collections for the benefit of future users;

v)            To foster and maintain effective working relations between the University Library and other University Departments for effective use of library services;

vi)           To instruct patrons in the effective utilization of information resources through use of modern information;

vii)          Use modern Information Technology to provide timely access to information by all users to satisfy their present and future information needs.

viii)         To disseminate research information and knowledge generated at Egerton University.

ix)            To participate in relevant community outreach programs and products for the enhancement of humanity.



The Library endeavours to acquire relevant and current information resources through direct purchases as well as donations.  To ensure acquisition of relevant books and journals, the Library liaises with the teaching staff to identify and select books.  The Library currently has a total collection of 362 volumes in commerce, educationand librarianship. These information resources are not adequate for the registered users and efforts are being put in place to enhance the resources.


The University Library collaborates with other university libraries through consortiums such as Kenya Library and Information Services Consortium (KLISC), through which it is able to acquire e-books and subscribe to e-journals at subsidized rates.  Through KLISC, the Library has subscribed to a rich collection of electronic information resources comprising of over 44,975 e-journal titles, 89,209 e-books. The Baringo Campus Library currently has no access to these electronic resources because electrical cabling in the Campus is on-going.