Project Information

PI nameProf. Nzula Kitaka
Project titleDevelopment of Educational and Research CAPacity in Eastern Africa for the Sustainable Management of AQUAtic Ecosystems (CAPAQUA) & AQUAHUB (ADC-Project-number 612-00/2018)
PartnersAustrian Development Agency (ADA)
  • University of Natural and Life Sciences (BOKU), Austria & IHE-Delft, The Netherlands
Grant amountEuro 1,599,700.00
Project StatusOngoing
Project LocationKenya and Austria
Project descriptionThe overall project goal is to foster the sustainable management of aquatic ecosystems and their resources in order to improve livelihoods in Eastern Africa. The “CAPAQUA” project strengthens the achievements of ADC-funded projects within the region. Institutional North-South and South-South collaboration in Higher Education and Research is lifted to a higher level via the establishment and sustainable implementation of an International joint-degree Master Programme in “Limnology & WetlandManagement” of BOKU, Egerton University and IHE-Delft. The project is planned, organised and implemented by the well-proven consortium consisting of Egerton University, IHE-Delft and BOKU University/IPGL Office. The Joint Degree in M.Sc. Limnology & Wetland Management is restructured towards a truly joint programme with Eastern African institutions. The M.Sc. programme structure consists of three trimesters of 4-months, which are held in the Austria (BOKU University- September - January), Kenya (Egerton University – February to May) and Netherlands (IHE-Delft June - September), followed by a 6-month research period (October- April) in Eastern Africa. Each year 8 to 12 young water/environmental professionals from Eastern Africa are trained to M.Sc. level and carryout relevant M.Sc. research projects in Eastern Africa. Additionally, 10 young water/environmental professionals from Eastern Africa and BOKU, Austria are enrolling the 4-months trimester in Kenya. The upgraded teaching, research equipment, infrastructure (Fish farm and Constructed Wetland experimental ponds) and Water Resource Centre of Egerton University are maintained. LWM Joint Management Committee meetings are organized within the partner Institutions. Training workshops, stakeholders meeting, and curriculum review workshops for academic and administrative personnel of Egerton University and other regional partner institutions are implemented. The project is supporting capacity development processes at Eastern Africa institutions, which are educating professionals and carrying-out relevant research in Eastern Africa. The target institutions are key-players to mobilize society and financial resources to improve the management of environmental assets to the benefit of Eastern African people. The CAPAQUA project is funded by ADC and parallel fellowships funded by Orange Knowledge Programmes (OKP) and implemented by IHE-Delft.
Project Start06/12/2009
Project End06/12/2025
Expected outputs- Four modules have successfully been transferred and being taught at Egerton University - The modules have been integrated with the MSc Limnology in the Biological department. - More activities and high quality water research at Egerton University. - Updating the Laboratories in the Biological Sciences Department with state of the art equipment in water research. - Enhancement of Regional cooperation by engaging experts from different parts of the world. - The Egerton University homepage is up to date and offers all the necessary information - Information materials (flyers etc) are available and being distributed - By the end of the project, it will be financially independent