Project Information

PI nameProf. Josephat Matasyoh
Project titleAntibiotics and Anti-Quorum Sensing Compounds from African Fungal Endophytes Inhabiting medicinal Plants and Cultures of macromycetes
Partners• Prof. Marc Stadler- Helmhotz Center for Research in Infectious Diseases, Braunschweig Germany • Prof. Roderich Suessmuth- Technical University of Berlin, Germany • Dr Cony de Cock- Catholic university of Louvain, Belgium • Dr. Hafizah Chenia- U
Grant amountEuro 338,370
Project StatusOngoing
Project LocationEgerton, Braunschweig (Germany), Berlin(Germany), Louvain(Belgium), Durban(South Africa)
Project description00
Project Start1/09/ 2014
Project End
Expected outputs•To come up with lead compounds for anti-biotic production •To train Kenya students at PHD level •To publish in peer reviewed journals •To register patents