Project Information

PI nameProf. Samuel Mwonga
Project titleMultipurpose legumes and management strategies for reinvigorating and maintaining the health and productivity of smallholder mixed farming systems (MULTI-PURPOSE LEGUME PROJECT)
Partners•Prof. I.M. Tabu-CHS Department, Egerton University •Dr. David M. Amudavi- Department of Agricultural Education and Extension, Egerton University • Dr. John Ojiem- KALRO Kibos Center • Prof. J. Muthomi- Department of Plant Science and Crop protect
Grant amountKshs 1,032,780
Project StatusEnded
Project LocationSouth Nandi District, Nandi County
Project description 00
Project Start00
Project End
Expected outputs• Enhanced Farmer Entrepreneurship (Enhanced capacity for farmers to produce quality legume seeds, increased availability of legume value added products, improved availability of quality legume seeds, increased availability of legume value added products) • Improved Agro-ecological Environments (Increased crop diversification, increased yields • of legumes & cereals, Increased input use from none to organic to inorganic + organics, Reduced pests & diseases, Increased soil fertility) • Financial Empowerment of Women (Increased HH income, improved livestock productivity (meat, milk, manure (related to improved forage))