Project Information

PI nameProf. Bebe Bockline
Project titleKenya Agricultural Productivity and Agribusiness (KAPAP) consultancy services
PartnersMinistry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries
  • Prof. John Gowland Mwangi
  • Dr Stephen Maina Wambogo
Grant amountKshs 23,415,150
Project StatusEnded
Project LocationEgerton
Project descriptionxx
Project Start29/08/2014
Project End22/11/2015
Expected outputs1.An inception report in which consultants detail their understanding of the TOR and scope of work, explanation of methodology to achieve the objectives, proposed schedule for undertaking the review, activities and deliverables 2. A draft report of findings clearly elaborating negative and positive lessons and how to build on these for future agricultural extension projects, and recommend solutions for the constraints identified 3. Prepared power point presentation of the draft report to key stakeholders to share and get feedback on structure, facts, content and conclusions to ensure high quality of the review and for incorporation in the final report 4. Four bound hardcopies and soft copies of final comprehensive report of findings and learned lessons, conclusions and actionable recommendations which adequately incorporate comments of stakeholders 5. Datasets of all collected data and supplementary information in hard and soft copies.