Project Information

PI nameProf. Paul Kimurto
Project titleMultiplication and bulking of newly released bean seed varieties for commercial production, marketing and distribution (BEAN VARIETY)
Partners•Global Challenge Program •Division of research and Extension
Grant amountUSD 20,00+ Ksh 429,400
Project StatusEnded
Project LocationEgerton University KEPHIS- Lanet
Project description 00 00
Project Start02/11/2017
Project End2009
Expected outputs•Minister of Agriculture officially gazetted our 3 bean varieties(Chelalang, Tasha and Ciankui) on 27TH Feb 2009( Special issue of Kenya Gazette Vol. CXI-No 19) •Contracted Leldet Seed Company for production and distribution of been foundation seeds •Release of medium duration pigeon pea variety by KEPHIS(EUMDPV1003(Egerton Mbaazi 1) and 1 new chickpea variety-Chania Desi •Recommendation for release of 2 chick pea varieties(EUDCV00102 and EUDCV00101)