Project Information

PI nameProf. Benedict M. Mutua & Dr. Raphael M. Gacheiya
Project titleDissemination of Research Results in Semi-Arid and Arid Ecosystems with a Focus on Sustainable Water Resources Management in Ethiopia
Partners•Cranfield University- United Kingdom • Czech University of Agriculture- Czech Republic •Mekelle University- Ethiopia • Alemaya University- Ethiopia • Debub University- Ethiopia • International Water Management Institute- Ethiopia • Ethiop
Grant amount270,000 Euros
Project StatusEnded
Project LocationKenya, Ethiopia, Czech Republic
Project description00
Project Start10/08/2006
Project End2008
Expected outputs1. A workshop held at each of the three Ethiopian Universities on one of the key water management issues dealt with in this project 2. A scientific competition (Project plan award) to generate ideas for implementation of research results and/or new research by motivated Ethiopian researchers 3. Promotion of women involved in water management activities 4. Coaching and supervision (both remote and on site) of the research implementation project planners during the SSA 5. Promotion of women involved in water management activities 6. Submission of at least six projects plans is targeted, but this will depend on the scale of the projects. It is anticipated that at least one sustainable water management project at river-basin scale at each university should result from the Project plan award 7. An international symposium to o Discuss and disseminate findings of the project and priorities for future research o Define innovation and management strategies for advanced economic productivity in relation to rational use of water resources and o Present the awards for project plans and woman price o Create awareness of water management problems and potential solutions?(especially in Eastern Africa) at National and International levels 8. A model for improving international relations through joint research and technology transfer within Eastern Africa