Project Information

PI nameProf. Matofari Matofari
Project titleHigher Education Excellence in Development Cooperation (EXCEED) within International Centre for Development and Decent work (ICCD)
PartnersUniversity of Kassel-Germany, UNICAMP-Brazil, UCC-Ghana, UAF-Pakistan, UADY-Mexico, TIMS-India, WITZ-SouthAfrica
  • George Owuor, Job Lagat
Grant amount200,000 Euro
Project StatusOngoing
Project LocationKenya, South Africa, Ghana, Brazil, Mexico, India, Witz
Project descriptionThe Egerton University and ICDD partnership dates back to 2009. The partnership involves activities including; study programmes, exchange of students and faculties, research, conferences and workshops. Research projects are within the DAAD exceed programme under Higher Education Excellence in Development Cooperation (EXCEED). The projects are mostly those that support the realization of sustainable development goals (SDGs) in an innovative manner. The aim is to strengthen the HEIs in the domains of education, research and consultancy. The major concerns of the programme include; 1. bringing together working units in the HEIs with direct links to the SDGs 2. expanding education and research on issues of relevance to the cooperation in development policies in German and thr partner country HEIs 3. increasing the visibility of activities related to the SDGs in general public in Germany and developing countries 4. constructing competence centres for development cooperation by developing excellent research that can serve as a scientific "lighthouse" to be internationally attractive and competitive 5. Strengthening cooperation between North-South and South-South in education and research
Project Start08/01/2010
Project End08/08/2019
Expected outputs1. completion of PhD and MSc graduate students