Project Information

PI nameSamson Mwangi
Project titleManagement of Genetic Diversity in Sahiwal Cattle Breed in Kenya
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Grant amountKsh 127700
Project StatusEnded
Project LocationKALRO- Naivasha
Project description The Sahiwal population in Kenya, which is bred under a closed nucleus, is faced with declining effective population size over the years and rate of inbreeding per generation >1% beyond which it should not exceed for a population to maintain its long-term fitness and viability. This study estimated gene origin statistics, Wright’s F-statistics, current and future rates of inbreeding, coancestry and effective population size and genetic gain in lactation milk yield at predetermined rates of inbreeding. The aim was to develop a strategy to manage genetic variability at a predetermined level while achieving desirable genetic progress in the breeding goal.
Project Start01/06/2016
Project End01/07/2018
Expected outputsExpected outputs from the study 1. Population structure and parameters based on gene origin statistics for breeding programme of the Sahiwal breed in Kenya estimated. 2. Realized and expected genetic diversity of Sahiwal cattle breed in Kenya evaluated. 3. Effect of controlling future rates of inbreeding on expected genetic gain evaluated and a strategy to maintain genetic variability while achieving genetic progress developed 4. At least 2 papers published in refereed journals. 5. A Master of Science Thesis in Animal Breeding and Genetics.