Project Information

PI nameDr. Moses Oyier
Project titleDevelopment of Elite Sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L.) Hybrids for Ethanol production in Kenya
Grant amountKShs. 1,600,000
Project StatusEnded
Project LocationEgerton University, KALRO Kibos, Kendu Bay
Project description This project was aimed at developing sweet sorghum hybrids which would be used for ethanol production in Kenya. The project involved crossing of sweet sorghum lines with testers and extracting juice from the stems of both the hybrids and their parents.
Project Start01/04/2015
Project End04/04/2018
Expected outputs1. Elite sweet sorghum hybrid selected 2. Harvesting stage of sweet sorghum determined. 3. Three research articles published in refereed journals and 4. A PhD thesis