Project Information

PI nameMichael Mairura Okeyo
Project titleThe Effect of Pests and Diseases on Propagation and Conservation of Terminalia brownii in the Drylands of Kenya
PartnersSupervisors: Prof. Gilbert O. Obwoyere (Dr. rer. nat); Dr. Dickson L. Makanji (PhD) and Dr. Jane W. Njuguna
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Grant amountKes. 1,493,500
Project StatusOngoing
Project LocationAt Egerton University with study sites at three counties namely Kitui, Baringo and Homa Bay in Kenya. Laboratory work is carried out at the Kenya Forestry Research Institute (KEFRI) Muguga and Kitui.)
Project descriptionA PhD Research Project at the Natural Resources Department of Egerton University. The research is funded by the National Research Fund (NRF). Abstract This study seeks to evaluate the effects pests and diseases on floral phenology and propagation of Terminalia brownii (Fresen) fruits harvested from three provenances in the drylands of Kenya. Despite its wide-utility in traditional medicine, construction and cottage industry, its various products and seedlings are not available in required quantities. The relationship between floral phenology, predation by pests and effect of diseases on viability of mature fruits is not well understood. The study aims to investigate floral phenology and associated pests and diseases that infest T. brownii flowers and fruits; and germination capacity of the fruits harvested from ten trees, three crown levels in each provenance. Phenological observations and sampling for pests and diseases will be carried out monthly in each provenance from flower inception to dispersal. Flower-buds, flowers at full-bloom, fruit-set, and mature fruits will be sampled from five of the selected trees in each crown level for pests and diseases tests and identification.
Project Start02/10/2017
Project End30/10/2020
Expected outputsPhD Thesis and at least two peer reviewed journal papers.