Project Information

PI nameAbigail Waweru
Project titleInvestigation of Compounds used for Treatment of Goat Pneumonia from Three Kenyan Medicinal Plants
PartnersNational Research Fund
  • Prof. J. O. Omolo - Egerton University
  • Prof. S. T. kariuki
Grant amountKES 1,000,000.00
Project StatusOngoing
Project LocationEgerton University - Njoro Campus
Project description Pastoralists depend on livestock as a source of livelihood with goats being among the most important for the nomadic families. The movements of the pastoralists in search of water and pasture for the livestock and limited access to veterinary services are among the main factors that lead to high prevalence of livestock diseases and hence mortality. Among the various diseases that affect goats, Contagious Caprine Pleuropneumonia (CCPP) is the most important. Treatment and management include administering antibiotics, quarantine of the infected goats, and use of vaccines.However these modes of treatment and prevention are not effective since pastoralists are nomadic in nature and hence quarantine would not be adhered to, while antibiotics are quite expensive. In Kenya the pastoralists have been using indigenous plants for the treatment of CCPP. However, there is no scientific data to validate the efficacy of these plants. This proposed research will investigate three selected plants Dodonaea viscosa (L.) Jacq, Erythrococca bongensis Pax and Teclea simplicifolia (Engl.) I. Verd for antimicrobial activity against the caprine derived bacteria. The plant materials will be collected, dried and then ground to powder. Crude extracts will be prepared from the dried material using microwave assisted extraction (MAE). Crude extracts from the three plants will then undergo microbial assays to determine their activity. The target compounds will then be purified from the crude extracts using activity guided purification. The purified compounds will be characterised by the use of spectroscopic techniques such as Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) and Infra-Red (IR). Similarly the antimicrobial efficacy will be determined by serial dilution assay. The research findings will help to standardise usage of the plants products and in the development of policies to regulate their usage.
Project Start16/07/2019
Project End31/07/2019
Expected outputs1. New antimicrobial compounds. 2. At least two publications in refereed journals. 3. At least one paper presented in a Conference. 4. A PhD thesis