Project Information

PI nameMeshack Obonyo
Project titleMitigating the Adverse Health Effects of Aflatoxins by Reducing Human Consumption: A Value Chain approach.
PartnersProf James Tuitoek, Dr Faith Toroitich, Prof Gudu Samuel
  • Dr Evans Ouma Rongo University
  • Dr Huxley Mae Makonde, Technical Univesity of Mombasa
Grant amountKsh: 9,123,000
Project StatusOngoing
Project LocationRift Valley, Mombasa, Western Kenya
Project description By implementing strategies in the field as follows: a) applying biological control to prevent toxin production, the average farmer producing peanut and maize for subsistence and sale would have a part to play in making food healthy (toxin-free). This segment has been left out of aflatoxin-control activities. This would have an important bearing on increase in safe trade. Additionally, the formulation of binders and decontamination of feed is of interest to livestock producers and feed manufacturers as the productivity at farm-level would increase and the quality of feed improved. The net benefit is expected to be healthier humans.
Project Start01/01/2019
Project End30/12/2020
Expected outputsA) Biological control candidates (B) Formulation of Binders and (C) Strategies for decontamination of feed is of interest to livestock producers