Project Information

PI nameProf. Antony Kibe
Project titleNakuru Irrigation Acceleratin Platform (N-IAP)
PartnersSNV Kenya
  • Nakuru County Government - Ministry of Agriculture
  • National Government - Ministry of Irrigation, through County Irrigation Office
  • Nakuru Small Holder Farmers Association
  • Financial & Insurance Institutions - Equity Bank, ECLOF micro finance, KUSCCO, Acre Africa, Jubilee Insurance
  • Market off takers - Frigoken, Twiga Foods, Njoro Canners, KDF factory
  • Irigation Tech. Providers - Future pump, Sun culture, Kickstart, G. North & Sons, Agri irrigation & boreholes, Eunidrip
  • Input Providers - Snygenta Foundation, Lachlan, Bayer Crop Science, Coopers K,
Grant amountKES 1,996,500
Project StatusOngoing
Project LocationNakuru County, 11 irrigation clusters
Project descriptionThe Nakuru Irrigation Acceleration Platform aims to create a vibrant multi-stakeholder forum/network of actors such as Irrigation technology, finance, extension service providers and policy makers to share knowledge, brokers partnerships/business deals and lobby & advocate for growth of sector
Project Start15/01/2017
Project End28/02/2019
Expected outputsGoal: To Increase Agricultural Water Productivity in Nakuru County