Project Information

PI nameProf. Kibor Alfred
  • Robinson Mwenda Njuki MSc NARE student
  • Jacinta Gachumbi Mwangi MSc NARE student
  • Dolphine Isinta MSc Geography student
Grant amountUS Dollars 20,000
Project StatusEnded
Project LocationMara River Basin Bomet County
Project description The Lake Victoria Basin Commission (LVBC) is an East African Community Institution established with the responsibility for coordinating the sustainable development of the Lake Victoria Basin (LVB). Mara River is one of the Basins in LVB. The broad functions of LVBC are to promote, facilitate and coordinate activities of different actors towards sustainable development and poverty eradication in the LVB. The Vision of LVBC is a prosperous population living in a healthy and sustainably managed environment providing equitable opportunities and benefits. To implement their Vision LVBC developed a Development Strategy Framework which is clustered into five Policy Areas. Two of these Policy areas were found to be appropriate for Egerton University to address namely: i. Policy Area 1: Ecosystems, Natural Resources and Environment. Its ultimate development objective is attainment of a prosperous livelihood and enhanced management of ecosystems natural resources and a clean and healthy environment. ii. Policy Area 2: Production and Income Generation. Its ultimate objective is to ensure that Resources are Sustainably and Equitably utilized for increased income and poverty reduction in the Basin In June 2010 Egerton University signed a memorandum of understanding with the LVBC to strengthen collaboration, improve and encourage research-result oriented management in Mara River Basin, establish a training programme for students and facilitate information exchange. The Research Project assigned to Egerton University by LVBC was titled “Trans- boundary Water for Biodiversity in Mara River” The Project’s Main Objectives were: 1. Enhancement of efficient and effective use of resources for conservation and livelihood improvement in Mara Basin and its environs 2. To jointly explore, design and implement specific and result/client oriented research (s) in support of natural resource and landscape conservation to enable the resources of the two organizations to be utilized more effectively through direct cooperative efforts 3. To jointly promote the governmental private and non-governmental cooperation through specific activities this enhances partners’ capabilities.
Project Start16/01/2019
Project End16/01/2019
Expected outputs1, Masters thesis 2. knowledge transfer