Project Information

Project titleReal-time Environmental Monitoring Using Innovative Wireless Sensor Technology: Using Lake Nakuru as a case study
PartnersEgerton University, Kenya Wildlife Service, Moi University, KENET
  • Prof. Julius Kipkemboi-Egerton University
  • Dr. Ronald K. Rop- Egerton University
  • Mr. Benjamin Odiyo- Egerton University
  • Mr. Alex Mugambi- Egerton University
  • Mrs Alice Bett- KWS
  • Dr . Fred Omengo- KWS
  • Prof. Samuel Rotich- Moi University
  • Ms. Joan Masai- KENET
Grant amount 17,430,000.00
Project StatusOngoing
Project LocationLake Nakuru
Project descriptionMonitoring of limnological dynamics in aquatic environment from a critical part of management. Sample collection and analysis is often time consuming and expensive in the long run . This limits the frequency of data collection and hence the need for innovative methods for more cost effective and frequent data collection. This is a collaborative project on environmental monitoring of aquatic ecosystems using innovative real-time wireless sensor technology. Several partners with diverse backgrounds; Aquatic ecology, physics and sensor technologies, information, and communication technology will be involved. A wireless sensor infrastructure and data base will be developed and tested. The overall aim is to achieve, fast, high frequency, real time and cost effective data collection for aquatic ecosystem monitoring using emerging ICT technology. A database will be established that will be accessible to the stakeholders on request through a web-based platform. Data will be interpreted and used to guide policy decisions on aquatic resource management. In addition the proposed project will contribute to human and infrastructural capacity for Wireless sensor technology in Kenya. At the end of the project Kenya Wildlife Service will continue monitoring the lake and river inflows and may scale up the technology to other areas of jurisdiction. Partners in the project will continue collaborating and exploring such innovative techniques beyond the proposed project
Project Start01/02/2018
Project End28/02/2021
Expected outputs1. Wireless Sensor networks using low cost hardware and open source software for real time environmental monitoring. 2. Real time environmental data delivered through an open-data platform. 3. Human capacity in wireless sensor technology and limnology. 4. Reports and Publications in refereed journals.