Project Information

PI nameGeorge Owuor
Project titleCentre of Excellence in Sustainable Agriculture and Agribusiness Manangement
PartnersBeCA ILRI, KALRO, University of Rwanda, University of Burundi, University of Juba and Gulu University
  • Prof. Samuel Mwonga
  • Prof.Josephine Ouma
  • Dr. Mary Omwamba
  • Dr. Anthony Kingori
Grant amount$6,000,000.00
Project StatusOngoing
Project LocationEgerton University
Project descriptionFood insecurity and poverty remain the major challenges to Africa’s development, affecting about 33% of its population. Among the key contributing factors to food insecurity are occurrence of frequent droughts, rampant crop and livestock diseases, poor infrastructure, poor policies, poor market access, high input costs, inadequate technical capacity and limited technologies and innovations. One key approach in addressing the above challenges is to build capacity along the agricultural value chain through strengthening of agricultural training, promotion and upscaling of promising technologies. The proposed Centre of Excellence in Sustainable Agriculture and Agribusiness Management (CESAAM) at Egerton University, Kenya, is modelled to address the above issues. Egerton University has a long history of agricultural training and research, and is centrally placed within the Eastern Africa region. The region has a number of countries emerging from conflict that need to re-build their human capacity to address food insecurity. The broad objective of CESAAM is to contribute to sustainable agricultural and agribusiness management through capacity development, research and technology transfer for enhanced food security. The specific objectives are: (i) to develop capacity along the Agricultural Value Chain in the Eastern and Southern Africa region, especially for the fragile and post-conflict states, (ii) to undertake innovative research, including use of biotechnology and climate smart agriculture, for increased crop and livestock productivity, (iii) enhance the capacity of the University’s agro-science park to assist partner universities establish a similar model for incubation of technological innovations, and (iv) to develop evidence based agricultural policy briefs and disseminate best practices through Agricultural Knowledge Centers in Egerton (CESAAM) and partner universities.
Project Start01/09/2016
Project End01/09/2020
Expected outputsExpected outputs include increased capacity to conduct quality training and research nationally and regionally, equipped research laboratories, increased innovation products, increased dissemination of agricultural best practices and evidence-based policy briefs. The cumulative impacts of these outputs are increased productivity along the value chain and improved food security.