Project Information

PI nameDr. Halkano Abdi Wario
Project titleJihad for All? Religious Knowledge, Counter-Narrativity and De-Radicalisation Strategies in Kenya
PartnersProf. Dr. Sebastien Lecocq, Humboldt Universitaet zu Berlin, Germany
  • 1 Dr. Britta Frede, Universitaet bayreuth, Germany
  • 2 Abdullahi Boru Halakhe, International Rescue Committee, Germany / Prof. Dr. Ben Soares, University of Florida, USA
Grant amount189,200 Euro
Project StatusOngoing
Project LocationEgerton University is host. Research sites: Nairobi, north Kenya, and the Coast
Project descriptionOver the last two and a half years, the current project titled Jihad for All? Religious Knowledge Counter-Narrativity and De-Radicalisation Strategies in Kenya:- 1. Explored how religious knowledge/‘ilm sourced from Islamic foundational texts, writings of medieval and contemporary thinkers, literature and legal edicts issued by religious scholars has been appropriated, repackaged and used as basis for legitimizing counter-narratives for the Kenyan publics against those of jihadist ideologies that are disseminated and popularized by militant groups in the Horn of Africa and beyond 2. Examined how the actors in de-radicalisation initiatives perceive and reconstruct their religious and socio-political profiles, life-histories and authorities in fashioning legitimate counter-narratives, navigate relations with the state, non-Muslim communities and the Muslim community in its representation, appeal to pan-Islamic and pan-Kenyan belongingness and engage the Kenyan publics in conversations on this ideological war 3. Examined the presentation, performativity, materiality and aesthetics of religious-based counter-narratives on social media, television and radio stations and in Muslim and non-Muslim public spheres. This is partly being achieved through exhibition on materialities of counter radicalization campaigns in the latter part of the current project.
Project Start31/07/2018
Project End31/07/2018
Expected outputsAcademic articles, a book manuscript, a policy brief, a doctoral student who would have submitted thesis by end of project, an exhibition on the subject of the research