Project Information

PI nameProf. Bebe Bockline
Project titleAssessing and supporting Dairy Inputs and Advisory service Systems (ADIAS)
PartnersWageningen University - The Netherlands; Egerton University (EGU) – Kenya; Addis Ababa University (AAU) – Ethiopia
  • Knowledge, Innovation and Technology Group of Wageningen University (KTI) - The Netherlands
  • African Centre for Technology Studies (ACTS) – Kenya
  • Stichting DLO, Wageningen UR Livestock Research (WLR) - The Netherlands
  • New Kenya Creameries Cooperative (nKCC) – Kenya
  • Alema-Koudijs Feed (AKF) – Ethiopia
Grant amount249, 865 Euros
Project StatusOngoing
Project LocationKenyan Highlands
Project description ADIAS project aims to generate a better understanding of how configurations in input & advisory service supply contribute to this transition process towards market-oriented farming while connected to other inputs and services (I&S). I&S configurations for farming systems along a market orientation gradient will be studied, using a mix of qualitative and quantitative methods and focusing on feed supply and quality assurance mechanisms. It will focus on two farm resilience aspects: sustainable intensification of animal feed & fodder production and use in dairy systems under conditions of resource scarcity, and enhancing and safeguarding the quality of dairy products given demands by urban consumers. These issues require simultaneous production system changes, investments, and capacity building, and the question is how this is achieved while maintaining triple-P resilience of smallholder dairy farms. The research will create impact by coupling these insights with ongoing actions to improve input-service systems and enhance systemic changes towards more resilient and sustainable food systems. Furthermore, insights on input-service support can inform policy that enables the creation of a more supportive institutional context, and contribute to building better capacities of input and advisory service providers to support resilient dairy farming systems.
Project Start01/03/2016
Project End01/12/2018
Expected outputs• Input & advisory service configurations appropriate to market orientation levels and institutional context defined. • Lessons learned on pluralistic dairy advisory services and on introduction of dairy farming interventions & incentives available • Improved advice to dairy farmers by public and private service providers, tailored to situation • Sustainable ISS knowledge dissemination packages developed, and shared in farmers groups, service providers, civil society groups, policy makers, researchers and other stakeholders including knowledge sharing platforms • Improved input and advisory services to farmers and service providers